The Greatest Parents in the World

via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

i was in class one day when my classmate asked me the question “who is your role model?”. i totally didn’t expect such a question from her or anyone else and i don’t think i have ever been asked that question before, so i was a bit hesitant to answer it.

as strange as this may sound, i hadn’t thought seriously of who my role model is up until this time. i had to search through my brain who i could possibly call my role model. at last i did find the answer,” my role model is my dad”, i answered her. there are a million reasons why i consider my dad my role model but its generally all because of his tireless dedication for his family.

i honestly think i have the greatest dad in the world. its not just my dad, my mom is also the greatest in the world as far as i am concerned. in short i have the greatest parents in the world.

my parents aren’t rich, they struggle everyday just to keep food on the table and keep my three brothers and i in school. they work so hard that sometimes i even feel sorry for both of them. they are the kind of parents that are willing to go whatever lengths just to see their children happy and having all that they need.

i wish i could show them exactly what they mean to me and my brothers and how much i appreciate all that they sacrifice for us. i wish i could tell them exactly how thankful i am for all they do but i don’t think words would really express the magnitude of what i feel.

i may never be able to really show or tell them how much i appreciate all that they do but i just hope they know they are the greatest parents in the world to my brothers and i.



Author: Lephil

am a 21 year old Malawian. still in college. i like reading and lately writting too. just wanna share my opinions and ideas with the world.

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