Your life, your song

Am a big fun of music. I like all kinds. A few months ago while looking for new music on the internet for my music library I stumbled upon this new artist I had never heard of before, Alesia Cara. Her debut album called know it all. I got to admit, what really caught my attention was the album cover. It’s simple and the artist on it looked young. The track list also kind of had unique titles unlike most pop albums. It all made me want to listen to the album.

A few songs into the album, I liked it already. She has a different way of writing her music different from most young pop stars. And the themes she addresses are not what you would hear in most pop albums. She’s mature than most of her peers in terms of writing skills.

One song that caught my attention very much is the one called “my song”. It’s a simple song with simple message that has a lot of meaning. The song equates life to a song. Your life, your song.

The song generally talks about how we are all told how to live our lives and what’s normal and not normal to do. The standards were expected to conform to and everything else we are supposed to be and avoid. It just talks about how sometimes people try to control how we live our lives and who we become.

It’s normal as kids to be told what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s safe and what’s dangerous. This is done by the different people we come in contact with from our parents, teachers, friends etc. Considering that at this age, we are not able to make good informed decisions, it’s a good thing because it protects us from harm and helps us to become people who are responsible.

As we get older we get to decide for ourselves what kind of a person we are going to be and how we are going to live our lives. We get to make choices about what our values and standards in life are going to be regardless of what we were told or taught as kids. We get to choose what our song is going to sound like.

It’s our everyday choices and decisions that make up our song. The small and the big ones. The critical and the not so important ones. It’s these decisions and choices that together make the melodies and harmonies of our lives.tumblr_o1haonynuw1r2fr72o1_500

People will always tell you who you should be and how you should live your life. But ultimately, it’s your choice. It’s your choice to be whoever you want to be in life. the fact is not everyone is gonna like the different choices we make in life but if these choices bring us happiness and joy ,then don’t mind everyone else saying anything different.

You don’t have to be anything except that which you want and that which you are sure will make you happy and bring joy to those around you. You don’t have to sing anything other than what makes you come alive.

Alessia Cara-my song:











Author: Lephil

am a 21 year old Malawian. still in college. i like reading and lately writting too. just wanna share my opinions and ideas with the world.

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