Every day since our childhood, we have been told, shown and taught different things. Either consciously or subconsciously. Through words, reading, media and any other ways of communication that’s out there.

We have been told what’s wrong and what’s right and knowingly or unknowingly these are the things that have shaped our lives. These are the things that have made us who we are and what we do and how we   live our lives.

Today we live in a world where we are bombarded with information almost each and every second that we hardly have time to stop and think over the truthfulness or the authenticity of whatever we are told and shown. Ignorantly without any thought we grab and hold on to these things and use them in our daily lives without questioning them at all.

Considering all the information that we have been given and received since our childhood up to now, its quiet logical to see the necessity of questioning and critically analyzing the information before grasping and taking it into our lives. And the fact that this information decides what kind of a life we live, is one more reason to STOP AND QUESTION any piece of it before diving into it


Questioning things about yourself and the world around that you have held on to for the most part of your life is quit frightening and scary. We are scared of being disappointed. We fear being on the wrong side of the equation.

Regardless of the possible pain and disappointment we may face upon questioning our values and believes, it still is a necessary exercise that in the long run is quite helpful.

By question our values and any other aspect of our lives, we get a pretty good idea of what we want in life and are able to adjust our behavior and values with our goals. Plus it’s a good way of defining ourselves in our own terms. Question also helps us to get a clear picture of who other people are and we are able to respect others regardless of the differences since we know who we are outside anyone else.

Questioning about things in life won’t always give us satisfactory answers or might not even give us any answers at all sometimes. Truthfully, it also is an exercise that might seem boring and hard and time wasting. Regardless let’s make questioning an important part of our daily decision making process because it is only though questioning that were able to understand who we are and the world around us.

So decide today to stop and question any aspect of your life before letting anything be a part of your life.


Author: Lephil

am a 21 year old Malawian. still in college. i like reading and lately writting too. just wanna share my opinions and ideas with the world.

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