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The little Flower 🌸

It is blooming
It has been for a while
Bright colors, heavenly scent
A beautiful sight

They say it doesn’t take long
Before the sun
changes the whole scene
It is nature

Today the bees are dancing
In their yellow jackets, humming
Today the little flower is doing
What it is meant to be doing

It could be tommorow
When its petals decide to follow
Where the ants reside
For now the sight
Is bright and colourful
Today the little flower is beautiful

That’s who I am

If you ask them
They will tell you am an Angel
the hand that held them when they felt weak and flail
The light that shone through in their darkest of nights
heaven sent, I am the one the good guys
That’s who I am…. to them

If you ask him
He will tell you am a monster
The mouth that said “no” when he wanted a “yes”
The fire that burnt his ass when he needed a seat
Devil himself, worst person he has ever met
That’s who I am… To him

If you ask her
She will tell you am a kid
The little boy still needing milk not meat
Sweet on the inside sweet on the outside
Young, at times even childish
That’s who I am… to her

If you ask them
They will tell you am a man
The go to guy when you want things done
The person you turn to when you need an honest opinion
Mature, true definition of courage
That’s who I am.. To them

If you ask me
I will tell you am all the above
The angel and the devil
The childish and the mature
Human, in its raw form
That’s who I am.. To me


“I” Is my obsession

“I” is always who the focus is on

“I” is the very reason

Am awake at night staring at the ceiling

“I ” is Always looking out for no one else but “I”

“I” has a sweet aroma
A fragrance like no other
“I” whispers the sweetest of lullabies
promises of nothing but happiness

“I” has a poison
Hiding in its lips caressing mine
Am sipping and sipping on it
Like a bee on a flower

“I” knows no love
“I” knows no compassion
“I” is my enemy
“I” is the very death of me

be present

last week as i was scrolling down my Instagram feed i came across a post with its caption below. as i read the caption, i realized that it was describing exactly what i do and feel myself. i like the second part of the caption mostly, a prayer for contentment with the love and the affection that we get from the few people that are always surrounding us who unfortunately we fail to appreciate and love as we should.


let that be our prayer as well, to be available in the moment and appreciate those people that matter most in our lives.


am back

its been along time since i last posted anything here. probably more than a year or so. i would say i was busy but well there are a lot of reasons why i have been absent. but now am back. i kinda did forget how much fun it is here, from reading about other people to painting my own picture of the world for other people to appreciate.

i was going through my old posts and i just realized how much has changed since. a lot of things have happened. maybe this one year “Hiatus” was really what i needed.

excited about being back and hope to inspire and share my thoughts with the world again. 🙂

The Greatest Parents in the World

via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

i was in class one day when my classmate asked me the question “who is your role model?”. i totally didn’t expect such a question from her or anyone else and i don’t think i have ever been asked that question before, so i was a bit hesitant to answer it.

as strange as this may sound, i hadn’t thought seriously of who my role model is up until this time. i had to search through my brain who i could possibly call my role model. at last i did find the answer,” my role model is my dad”, i answered her. there are a million reasons why i consider my dad my role model but its generally all because of his tireless dedication for his family.

i honestly think i have the greatest dad in the world. its not just my dad, my mom is also the greatest in the world as far as i am concerned. in short i have the greatest parents in the world.

my parents aren’t rich, they struggle everyday just to keep food on the table and keep my three brothers and i in school. they work so hard that sometimes i even feel sorry for both of them. they are the kind of parents that are willing to go whatever lengths just to see their children happy and having all that they need.

i wish i could show them exactly what they mean to me and my brothers and how much i appreciate all that they sacrifice for us. i wish i could tell them exactly how thankful i am for all they do but i don’t think words would really express the magnitude of what i feel.

i may never be able to really show or tell them how much i appreciate all that they do but i just hope they know they are the greatest parents in the world to my brothers and i.


Dear Son

a k o s i l e

Dear Son,

Lift up your head, so that your mind can get to work. You must realize  it’s a queer world that you are born into.Too many folks find it their duties to reject your dreams and aspirations.The answers may often be “No” right before you  finish the questions. The counts may come to a total of none, when you seek people who would believe in you. Sometimes the safety nets are “plucked” away, as soon as you take your wild plunge. You do not need to be sad, you need to be unstoppable.

Lift your shoulders up, so your arms can get to work. You must realize when it feels cold out there, and the free blankets are out of stock, you cannot just wilt away from  the frost and shivers. You need to jump up, warm up and shout the words “I can make it.” People may certainly…

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