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“I” Is my obsession

“I” is always who the focus is on

“I” is the very reason

Am awake at night staring at the ceiling

“I ” is Always looking out for no one else but “I”

“I” has a sweet aroma
A fragrance like no other
“I” whispers the sweetest of lullabies
promises of nothing but happiness

“I” has a poison
Hiding in its lips caressing mine
Am sipping and sipping on it
Like a bee on a flower

“I” knows no love
“I” knows no compassion
“I” is my enemy
“I” is the very death of me

be present

last week as i was scrolling down my Instagram feed i came across a post with its caption below. as i read the caption, i realized that it was describing exactly what i do and feel myself. i like the second part of the caption mostly, a prayer for contentment with the love and the affection that we get from the few people that are always surrounding us who unfortunately we fail to appreciate and love as we should.


let that be our prayer as well, to be available in the moment and appreciate those people that matter most in our lives.


am back

its been along time since i last posted anything here. probably more than a year or so. i would say i was busy but well there are a lot of reasons why i have been absent. but now am back. i kinda did forget how much fun it is here, from reading about other people to painting my own picture of the world for other people to appreciate.

i was going through my old posts and i just realized how much has changed since. a lot of things have happened. maybe this one year “Hiatus” was really what i needed.

excited about being back and hope to inspire and share my thoughts with the world again. 🙂

The Greatest Parents in the World

via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

i was in class one day when my classmate asked me the question “who is your role model?”. i totally didn’t expect such a question from her or anyone else and i don’t think i have ever been asked that question before, so i was a bit hesitant to answer it.

as strange as this may sound, i hadn’t thought seriously of who my role model is up until this time. i had to search through my brain who i could possibly call my role model. at last i did find the answer,” my role model is my dad”, i answered her. there are a million reasons why i consider my dad my role model but its generally all because of his tireless dedication for his family.

i honestly think i have the greatest dad in the world. its not just my dad, my mom is also the greatest in the world as far as i am concerned. in short i have the greatest parents in the world.

my parents aren’t rich, they struggle everyday just to keep food on the table and keep my three brothers and i in school. they work so hard that sometimes i even feel sorry for both of them. they are the kind of parents that are willing to go whatever lengths just to see their children happy and having all that they need.

i wish i could show them exactly what they mean to me and my brothers and how much i appreciate all that they sacrifice for us. i wish i could tell them exactly how thankful i am for all they do but i don’t think words would really express the magnitude of what i feel.

i may never be able to really show or tell them how much i appreciate all that they do but i just hope they know they are the greatest parents in the world to my brothers and i.


Dear Son

a k o s i l e

Dear Son,

Lift up your head, so that your mind can get to work. You must realize  it’s a queer world that you are born into.Too many folks find it their duties to reject your dreams and aspirations.The answers may often be “No” right before you  finish the questions. The counts may come to a total of none, when you seek people who would believe in you. Sometimes the safety nets are “plucked” away, as soon as you take your wild plunge. You do not need to be sad, you need to be unstoppable.

Lift your shoulders up, so your arms can get to work. You must realize when it feels cold out there, and the free blankets are out of stock, you cannot just wilt away from  the frost and shivers. You need to jump up, warm up and shout the words “I can make it.” People may certainly…

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First Post This Year

It’s the 11th of January 2017, I would still call this a new year at least until the end of January. It’s been a couple weeks now since my last post. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to post but just a combination of different reasons. This therefore is my first post for this year 2017.

I probably should start with how my 2016 was. In all honesty it was really a great year for me. A lot of things happened and a lot changed. I for one, don’t think am the same person I was in January 2016. I have grown in both knowledge and wisdom (at least I think so).

There are a lot of things that am proud of looking back at 2016. For starters, I started my own blog. I never thought I was ever gonna do that but well I did. Secondly I finally bought myself a guitar. It was my childhood dream to have and be able to play a guitar but for some reason I couldn’t have one until last year. Am still learning how to play but it sure has been an amazing experience so far. The same last year I was able to read a couple of books. I found it a really great experience, both educative and entertaining.  I think of all the books I read one stood out for me, a book titled ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brene Brown which I found really helpful and I encourage everyone to read it if possible. And for the first time in college I was given a responsibility which so far has proven to be one of the best things that could have happened to me in 2016. Plus I made a number of friends which is something am naturally not good at. Am an introvert.

2016 wasn’t colorful and rosy all year round. It had its own cloudy days and moments which for some reason I don’t feel like mentioning here except the election of Donald trump as the president of the USA. Honestly I wasn’t and am still not happy that guy won the elections but anyways it is what it is. I made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions in 2016. Regardless, am still happy for all the things that happened because I believe it’s the combination of the good and the bad that made it a great year and made me a better person than I was when we started the year.

2017 so far has proven to be a great year and it’s my prayer it continues this way. I don’t really have a lot of things or resolutions planned for this year except to reach the other end a better person that I am now. Be a happier and fearless person able to take on whatever life throws with a good attitude. Am not sure what’s gonna happen this year but whatever happens, am hopeful that it’s all gonna propel me into new heights and new great adventures.


Over the weekend, I was part of an annual outreach that was organized by students of a certain organization on campus. It was aimed at reaching out to the poor and the old in a number of villages and rural areas around our college. It was done with the little that we had raised just to show them that they are loved and cared for.

I also took part in the same project last year but it’s always a nice and enriching experience. We get to meet different people with different inspiring stories. We chat with them and also help them with medical care and some small package of groceries.

On these projects you get to meet people who are living in imaginably poor conditions with little or no food. People who have no way of accessing quality basic medical care. People who sleep on the cold floor with just a sheet or two to keep them warm through the coldest of nights. You get to meet people who are struggling just to get the simplest of basic needs that most of us in towns and cities take for granted.gratitude2

Going on these outreach projects has a way of making one realize how privileged and lucky they are just for having the simplest of things e.g. shoes and food on their table. Seeing the conditions that some of these people live in makes me be grateful for the roof over my head, the hospital am able to access whenever am not feeling ok, the friends and the nice bed to lay my head on at night. It reminds me that even though I may seem to have endless things I should be complaining about there still is a lot of things in my life that I should be thankful for.

There will always be a lot of things in our lives to complain about but let’s not forget to take time and be appreciative and grateful for the little that we have (which we normally take for granted) because there are a lot of people out there who aren’t as privileged as we are.